About us

So, what's this site all about?

This site aggregates clipart from around the web and makes it easy to find and easy to search. We use a combination of AI, machine learning, and old-fashioned human picking to find our images.

Do I need your permission to use a clipart?

No, the rights to the clipart belong to the original authors. In 99.9% of cases, this means you can use it for personal projects but not for commercial ones.

If you see a clipart that should not be on this site and was inadvertently added, simply email helloclipartcool@gmail.com for prompt removal. Our goal is to find shareable clipart, but never to share anything that wasn't intended to be shared. Due to the nature of how clipart can be used between multiple sites, authorship can sometimes be unclear. We support the original author 100% and will always remove any cliparts if asked.

I want to feature my clipart here, how can I make that happen?

We're going to be launching a user upload method soon! Stay tuned...

I want to contact you, how can I do that?

Just shoot us an email at helloclipartcool.com. We're still working on improving the site, but we love to talk to our fans!

How many clipart images do you have?

Lots. Lots and lots. We're adding more everyday.